live till you die
  • I plowed through the remainder of this book this morning. It was a re-read for me. I think the last time I read it was…2006, 2007. Something like that. I somehow managed to misinterpret what happened at the end of the story when I read this the first time. Dumb. In many ways, I was not a very clever reader at 17 or 18. This time around I realized the ending is a lot more bittersweet, and less…I dunno, I somehow took away this weird sci-fi vibe the first time I read it. Like I said, really dumb of me.

    It was a very enjoyable re-read. The story takes place in the early-to-mid 90s, and the characters are all techies who have ties to Microsoft and Silicon Valley. Whenever someone made some reference or prediction about the state of technology, I found myself mumbling, “oh, if only they knew.”

    I enjoy this book not only because it’s a vibrant snapshot of West Coast life from 20ish years ago, but it’s also a very amusing and touching story about metamorphosis and fighting inertia.

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  • "The world is full of power and energy and a person can go far by just skimming off a tiny bit of it."
    Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
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