live till you die
  • mchotdog:


    The IMDb board for Dear White People is exactly what I expected

    Do you tho l a single one of them watched it? Jokes on you idiots, you just proved the point.

    aaaaaaaaaaand this is why the “average joe” score is so low everywhere you look

  • nevyns:


    the cowboy one omfg.

    It’s that time of year again! Bringing this post back.

    The way that cowboy has his gun holstered is actually kind of hilarious.

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  • therealrunthejewels:

    It’s been funded. Meow.

  • beckittns:

    might not the beatific vision become a source of boredom, in the long run?

  • gotitforcheap:


    Woven blunts are the best

    get a job

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